What is Platysma innervated by?

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What is Platysma innervated by?

The platysma is innervated by cervical branch of the facial nerve.

In this manner, what does the Platysma do?

The actions of the platysma muscle include pulling down the mandible, which opens the mouth, and pulling the corners of the lips out to the side and down, which forms a frown. Additionally, the platysma muscle can form wrinkles in the neck as a person ages and their skin becomes less elastic and starts to sag.

One may also ask, what is the origin and insertion of the Platysma? Origin: fascia covering the superior portions of the pectoralis major and deltoid muscles below the clavicle. Insertion: medial fibers insert onto the lower border of the mandible, lateral fibers will attach to the skin, subcutaneous tissue, and muscles surrounding the mouth.

Beside this, what causes Platysma bands?

As you age, weakening muscles in your neck as well as a loss of collagen and elastin cause the delicate skin on the neck to droop and fall. “Over the years the platysma muscle can weaken in some areas and spasm in others. This can cause unsightly vertical neck lines are called platysma bands.

What is the antagonist of the Platysma?

Temporal muscle

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