What is the best background check for tenants?

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What is the best background check for tenants?

Best Tenant Screening Services – 2020
Best for Landlords RentPrep FCRA certified agents Customer service 7 days a week No hidden fees
MyRental Excellent pricing Advanced compliance features Customer service available most of the day
Transunion Smart Move Multiple pricing tiers Income verification Access to FICO score

Also, what is the best tenant screening company?

Here are 11 of the best tenant screening services that can help:

  • RentPrep.
  • SmartMove.
  • Experian Screening Services.
  • AppFolio.
  • TurboTenant.
  • National Tenant Network.
  • Cozy.
  • MyRental.

Secondly, what do landlords use for background checks? Tenant background checks usually review a potential tenants’ criminal history, credit report, and proof of income as well as eviction and employment histories.

In this way, how do I do a background check on a potential tenant?

Screening Potential Tenants

  1. Request an Application. Start by having every prospective tenant complete an application.
  2. Run a Credit Check.
  3. Run a Background Check.
  4. Contact the Previous Landlords.
  5. Contact the Tenant’s Employer.
  6. Interview the Tenant.

How much does it cost to run a background check on a tenant?

Watch here how simple it is to run a background credit and criminal report on a tenant. Tenant screening costs you nothing. Most successful landlords include the costs to screen the tenant within their application fee. A typical application fee would be between $30 and $50 (depending on area).

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