What is the difference between BX cable and MC cable?

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What is the difference between BX cable and MC cable?

BX has a bonding strip to allow the casing to be a grounding conductor. It does not contain a ground wire. MC cable has a full size ground wire the casing is not a grounding conductor.

Similarly, it is asked, what is the difference between armored cable and MC cable?

Some will refer to this cable as Greenfield cable. Armored cable (AC) first appears in the 1903 NEC. The biggest difference between the two cable systems is that MC has full size ground wire while AC uses a combination of the jacket and a thin bonding strip or wire to function as the equipment ground.

Also Know, what is MC cable used for? A. Type MC cable can be used for service-entrance conductors, feeders and branch circuits in many applications. Section 330.10 of the National Electrical Code includes the general uses permitted for Type MC cable.

In respect to this, what is a BX cable?

BX Cable and Wiring BasicsGoing under alternative names such as metallic sheathed cable, type AC, MC, Greenfield, or armored cable, BX cable is a collection of plastic-coated insulated wires (typically 14- or 12-gauge), bundled together and protected by a ribbon-like metal sheathing.

Is BX cable safe?

Modern BX wiring, properly installed, is safe. It is acceptable to the latest version of the National Electrical Code (2017 NEC Article 320). But safety of an existing BX system does depend on its age, type and how it was installed.

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