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What is the example of a software CI?

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What is the example of a software CI?

Examples of CIs include individual requirementsdocuments, software, models, and plans. Theconfiguration-management system oversees the life of the CIsthrough a combination of processes and tools by implementing andenabling the fundamental elements of identification, changemanagement, status accounting, and audits.

Accordingly, what are examples of configuration items?

Configuration Items vary widely, but includeanything related to your account that you want to track.Examples of Configuration Items include software andapplications, locations and offices, employees and customers,documentation, hardware and companies, and even your incidents,changes and customers.

Subsequently, question is, which is the best definition of a configuration item CI )? Configuration item (CI) is an asset,service component or item that is, or will be under thecontrol of Configuration Management. Information on eachconfiguration item is recorded within configurationmanagement system and this is maintained throughoutits.

Moreover, what is a CI in a CMDB?

A Configuration Management Database (CMDB) is anITIL database used by an organization to store information abouthardware and software assets (commonly referred to as ConfigurationItems [CI]).

What is an application CI?

CI Types application. Configurationitem types indicate a class of actual configuration items, suchas a computer system or operating system. A type is a form ofclassification that is displayed in the CI Typesapplication.

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