What is the multiplier for a 10 degree offset?

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What is the multiplier for a 10 degree offset?

Mathematics of the Offset Bend
Degree of Bend in Degrees (Angle) Multiplier Shrinkage Multiplier in inches
10 6 1/16
15 3.9 1/8
22.5 2.6 3/16
30 2 1/4

Thereof, how do you find the offset multiplier?

Calculating Multipliers and Offsets

  1. Multiplier. To calculate the multiplier (slope) we use the equation.
  2. Offset. To calculate the offset (y-intercept) we do the following:
  3. Relating this to the logger.
  4. Example.
  5. Temperature.
  6. Now, we calculate the multiplier and offset.
  7. Relative Humidity.
  8. Multiplier = rise/run = (100-0)/(1000-0) = 100/1000 = 0.1.

Also Know, what is the multiplier for 15 degree offset? This is where the multipliers of 6 for 10 degrees, 2.6 for 22.5 degrees, 2.0 for 30 degrees, 1.4 for 45 degrees, and 1.2 for 60 degrees come from.

Calculator Zip Table
Measured Offset Ht after bending 7 inches 7 5/8 inches
Calculated Shrinkage 2 15/16 inches 3 1/2 inches (0.5 x 7 = 3 1/2)

One may also ask, what is the multiplier for a 22 degree offset?

Multipliers for Conduit Offsets

Degree of Bend Multiplier
10 degrees 6.0
22 degrees 2.6
30 degrees 2.0
45 degrees 1.4

How do you measure conduit bends?

Measure from the end of the conduit and make a mark at 7 inches to indicate the start of the bend. Slip the end of the conduit into the bender so the 7-inch mark is aligned with the arrow. This 7 inches, plus the “Stubs 5 to arrow” will give you the total horizontal run of 12 inches, including the bend.

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