What kind of metal are boat trailers made of?

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What kind of metal are boat trailers made of?

Frame Material

Most boat trailers are aluminum because it’s lighter and less prone to corrosion than steel. But it’s also more expensive than steel. Still, unless you’ll be using it in fresh water only, aluminum is the better choice by far.

Correspondingly, what kind of steel are trailers made of?

However, steel is generally stronger than other metals used to build trailers. Galvanized steel is coated with a thin layer of zinc. Galvanized-steel trailers usually last longer than aluminum trailers, and since steel is easier to weld than aluminum, repairs to steel trailers are easier and stronger.

Additionally, are galvanized trailers better? A galvanized trailer refers to the process of coating a steel trailer in liquid zinc, which is great for keeping rust and corrosion at bay. Yup, galvanized trailers will typically cost a little more money than their painted adversaries, but for those boaters looking for next to no maintenance, it’s the way to go.

Besides, what are trailer frames made of?

However, the aluminum used in all-aluminum trailers is an alloy, the same way that steel is an alloy of iron. This alloy has about the same yield strength as steel! It contains at least 95 percent aluminum, and the other five percent is composed of copper, titanium, chromium and zinc.

How do I choose a boat trailer?

A good rule of thumb to follow when choosing a trailer is to make sure it’s at least two feet longer than your boat. Most manufacturers state the length in their product description. If you cannot find it, pull out a measuring tape for a manual reading – assuming you are looking at the trailer in person.

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