What US state is the Falcon state?

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What US state is the Falcon state?

Roma Airport Info:
Roma Airport IATA Code: FAL Roma Airport ICAO Code:
World Area Code : 67 Airport Type : Small
Roma Airport Address / Contact Details : Falcon State Park Airport (FAL), Roma, TX 78584, USA
Timezone : America/Chicago
Falcon State Airport Timezone : GMT -05:00 hours

Just so, what state is the Falcon state?

State Nicknames

Alabama Yellowhammer State
Florida Sunshine State (1970)
Georgia Peach State, Empire State of the South
Hawaii Aloha State (1959)
Idaho Gem State

which state is the spirit state? List of U.S. state nicknames

State Nickname(s)
Massachusetts Bay State Colony State Old Colony Taxachusetts The Spirit of America
Michigan Great Lakes State Mitten State Winter Water Wonderland Wolverine State
Minnesota Gopher State Land of 10,000 Lakes North Star State State of Hockey

Correspondingly, what state is the friendly state?

According to the results, the friendliest state in America is MINNESOTA.

Which state is called the Golden State?

state of California

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