What was the Maison Carree used for?

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What was the Maison Carree used for?

The Maison Carrée or “Square House” is the best preserved Roman temple in Europe. It sits undisturbed in the small city of Nîmes, which also has a splendid Roman amphitheater, still used for bull-fighting and other spectacles.

Subsequently, one may also ask, why was the Maison Carree built?

MaisonCarrée, Roman temple at Nîmes, France, in remarkably good repair. According to an inscription, it was dedicated to Lucius and Gaius Caesar, adopted sons of Augustus; it was probably built before the death of Marcus Agrippa, Augustus’s friend and the boys’ father, about 12 bc.

Subsequently, question is, when was Maison Carree built?

Maison Carrée
Architectural style Roman
Location Nîmes, southern France
Completed ca. 2 AD
Inaugurated 4-7 AD

People also ask, who built Maison Carree?

Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa

What materials did the Romans use to build their structures?

Ancient Roman concrete was a mixture of lime mortar, aggregate, pozzolana, water, and stones, and was stronger than previously-used concretes. The ancient builders placed these ingredients in wooden frames where they hardened and bonded to a facing of stones or (more frequently) bricks.

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