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Which face shapes are the best match for browline glasses?

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Are you interested in having a cool old, schooly, trendy look? Browline eyeglasses will be the best in bringing out your transformation. Browline glasses are a design of eyeglasses with the upper part that supports the lens being thicker and resembling the eyebrows of the wearer’s eye. The glasses were invented in the late 1940s but began trending in the 1950s and 1960s due to the inspirations from the trending fashion of that era. The unique nature of the eyeglasses makes them ideal for someone who would love to accentuate their eyes due to the top rims being able to capture the eyes of someone to the wearer’s brow-line. The eyeglasses have an acetate top, and a thin lower metallic frame rounded off at the bottom.

Which face shapes are the best match?

Generally, browline eyeglasses best suit wearers with narrow foreheads as it widens the forehead to bring balance to the face. Other face shapes that are preferred include:

Diamond face

A person with a diamond face has distinct cheekbones and an angular jawline. Wearing browline eyeglasses neutralizes the narrow forehead by adding some bulk when widening the forehead. Opting for regular-sized browline eyewear is advisable to avoid bringing out the distinct diamond face when wearing oversized ones is advisable.

Square face

The eyewear brings a unique, splendid look to someone with a square-shaped face. This is because eyewear suppresses distinct facial features and adds a conceptual look to the wearer. The distinct chisel-shaped cheekbones and jaw are shattered, bringing out an alluring look.

Oval face

The upper rim of the browline glasses aids in bringing out the features of the oval face shape. The features become exclusively distinct, and the thinly shaped frame’s lower part intensifies the lower facial structure. 

Oblong face

The browline eyewear designs the oblong shape by making it appear square and wider by reducing the elongation of the face. The eyewear neutralizes the elongation; hence the face becomes well-proposed. It also makes your jawline and cheekbones distinct.

Round face

The eyewear slightly elongates the sides of the face as the wearer’s face appears to be curving slightly outwards. This brings a balance to both the jawline and cheekbones since they get to appear in a better way. 

Which face shape is discouraged for browline frames?

People with heart-shaped faces are highly discouraged since their forehead becomes exaggerated. The bulk nature brought about when wearing the glasses makes someone focus on the forehead area instead of the well-designed glasses. This may even bring about esteem issues as some people may make fun of them. 

Benefits of browline eyewear

  • The glasses last longer and thus can be worn for a very long time.
  • Fit with any outfit since they match all trending clothing.
  • Presence of a variety of shapes to choose from.
  • They offer comfort and thus do not cause any unnecessary hitches on someone’s face.
  • The optical performance of the eyewear is remarkable.
  • The eyewear is pocket-friendly in terms of price, making it more affordable.

Anyone can purchase a variety of browline eyewear at any physical or online store. Browline eyewear is available in different shapes and sizes, giving you the laxity of choosing what suits you best. Buying eyeglasses online is preferred by many since it is cheaper to buy, and you do not go through the hassle of moving around looking for a frame that suits your taste. Ordering glasses online allows you to get them delivered to your doorstep, which is more convenient. Online stores offer a variety of frame designs and colors a person can choose from. 

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