Who is Tom in East of Eden?

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Who is Tom in East of Eden?

Tom is the youngest son of Sam and Liza Hamilton. He is thoughtful and introverted, and deeply dependent on his father’s guidance and wisdom. When Sam dies, Tom is left in charge of the ranch, and loneliness disturbs his mind and nearly drives him crazy.

Simply so, who are the Hamiltons in East of Eden?

Hamilton Family in East of Eden

  • Liza Hamilton. Liza is Samuel’s God-fearing wife.
  • Will Hamilton. Will, Samuel’s son, is a born businessman, and the only successful Hamilton of the bunch.
  • Tom Hamilton. Tom is like the opposite of Will: an emotional, guilt-ridden dreamer “arguing with greatness” (23.1.
  • Olive Hamilton.

Likewise, what does Dessie die of in East of Eden? Dessie Hamilton Character Analysis. Dessie has her heart broken by a mysterious man, and is never the same afterwards. She is accidentally killed by Tom when he gives her the wrong medication for her stomachache.

Also to know, who is Charles in East of Eden?

Charles is the more athletic brother, but Cyrus starts having more father-son talks with Adam. Grr. After Cyrus tells Adam that he’s going into the army and not Charles, Charles takes the liberty of beating Adam up and then coming back to kill him. But he doesn’t.

What chapter is timshel in East of Eden?

Summary: Chapter 24According to Lee, the Hebrew word in question is timshel.

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