Who killed Evelyn in Four Brothers?

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Who killed Evelyn in Four Brothers?

Evelyn Mercer was the woman who adopted Bobby Angel Jerry and Jack. She was killed in a store when she was buying some turkey by two robbers. The Brothers avenged her death, but Jack was killed as well.

Just so, does Jack die in 4 brothers?

Back at their home, during a confrontation with Jeremiah, Sweet’s men attack the brothers. Jack is shot and killed during the attack.

One may also ask, who was the oldest in Four Brothers? Bobby Mercer. Robert James “Bobby” Mercer is the main protagonist of the film . He is oldest brother of the group and the toughest.

Also know, who died in 4 brothers?

Jack Mercer | Four Brothers (2005) Wiki | Fandom.

Was four brothers based on a true story?

The film was roughly based on the 1888 true story of the five Marlow Brothers (George H., Boone, Alfred, Lewellyn, and Charles) of Graham, Texas, in Young County, and Marlow, Oklahoma (then Indian Territory). There the Marlows built a dugout home called “Marlow Camp” in 1880.

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