Why did Tony kill Chris in The Sopranos?

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Why did Tony kill Chris in The Sopranos?

First of all, Tony was disgusted with Christopher for almost killing him in an unnecessary car crash. He had long considered Chris a weakling and a liability because of his drug habit, and was concerned that Chris‘ weakness would eventually lead to Chris ratting out Tony to the Feds. Then Tony killed Christopher.

Also know, did Tony kill Christopher in The Sopranos?

Season FiveChris finds out, gets drunk, starts a fight with Vito, and pulls a gun on Tony in the Bada Bing. Tony is prepared to kill Chris, but their cousin Tony Blundetto steps in and saves his life.

Also Know, why did Tony kill his cousin? After one of Tony Soprano’s associates is badly beaten by Phil, Soprano realizes that he is putting everyone in jeopardy by protecting his cousin. Soprano kills him with a 12-gauge shotgun in order to prevent his torture at the hands of Phil. Soprano then gives Sack Blundetto’s hiding place.

Similarly, it is asked, what episode does Tony kill Chris?

Kennedy and Heidi

What happened to Christopher in The Sopranos?

Christopher’s luck runs out in the episode “Kennedy and Heidi”. He and Tony were injured in a serious car accident while driving back from a meeting with Phil Leotardo and the New York crew. Tony suffocated his nephew by pinching his nostrils shut, leading Christopher to asphyxiate to death on his own blood.

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