Why isn’t Days Gone 2 available on PS5? Game director is still perplexed by Sony’s choice – Bestgamingpro

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Despite the game’s commercial success, Days Gone director Jeff Ross claims that he and his crew were made to feel like it was a failure.

He explains on Twitter that Days Gone had been out for little over a year and a half when he left Sony, and had sold more than eight million copies. Since then, owing to its availability on PC through Steam, it has sold another million copies.

“Local studio management always made us feel like it was a great letdown,” Ross adds, agreeing with a response that claims it’s strange that Sony hasn’t consented to a sequel.

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Is Sony picking winners and losers?

Ross’ remarks follow the announcement that Ghost of Tsushima has now sold over 8 million copies. Sucker Punch Productions, the game’s developer, sent out a happy Tweet thanking gamers for their support.

Despite the fact that it accomplished this aim in about the same amount of time (if not a little less) than Days Gone, Bend Studio was allegedly given little reason to rejoice. While Days Gone’s sales weren’t as robust as something like God of War, neither were Ghost of Tsushima’s nor Death Stranding’s, which Sony seems to have handled with more affection.

Some speculate that Sony was more concerned with the critical reaction to Days Gone. While the game received generally favourable reviews, reviewers gave it a mixed reception, with the PlayStation 4 version receiving an average Metacritic score of 71. Ross emphasises that the adversity he and his team faced stemmed from the game’s sales, not from the game’s review ratings.

The postponed sequel

Bend Studio submitted a Days Gone sequel to Sony in April, but it was eventually rejected owing to the success of the original game and the lengthy production period.

Instead, two teams were charged with supporting Naughty Dog, one on a multiplayer project and the other on an unnamed Uncharted game, but this drove some employees to depart since they didn’t want Bend to become a satellite studio.

The remaining employees requested that they be removed from the Uncharted project, which Sony agreed to, allowing Bend to focus on its own project, which seems to be unconnected to Days Gone.

The news that Sony had rejected a sequel did not sit well with fans, who organised a petition to get Days Gone 2 approved. It has almost 140,000 signatures as of this writing, however Sony has yet to respond.

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