Why was Clarke called Wanheda?

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Why was Clarke called Wanheda?

She becomes known as Wanheda by the Grounders because the legend spread and is given a name. They know her as the Commander of Death. This girl from space burned 300 badass Grounder warriors alive in a ring of fire at the dropship and then by herself.

Besides, what is the meaning of Wanheda?

Wanheda” is Trigedasleng for “Commander of Death” and refers to a title given to Clarke Griffin by the Grounders.

Also Know, is Wanheda a real word? A submission from United States says the name Wanheda means “Commander of death”. According to a user from Virginia, United States, the name Wanheda means “Commander of death”. A submission from New York, United States says the name Wanheda means “Commander of death”.

Just so, why is there a bounty on Clarke?

Apparently, there’s a huge bounty on Clarke’s head because she’s Wanheda, “Commander of Death,” who the Ice Nation was looking for. It appears as if everyone is after her. See, the grounder’s believe that upon the death of someone powerful, the powerful person’s killer takes his or her power.

What do they call Clarke in the 100?

Clarke Griffin

Name: Clarke Griffin
Occupation: formerly: ambassador, leader of the 100, prisoner of the Ark
Title/Rank: Wanheda (Commander of Death), Princess, Klark kom Skaikru (Clarke of the Sky People) formerly: Prisoner 319, Mountain Slayer, Skaikru Ambassador
Location: Earth
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